About Chennai:
The Marina beach, a quiet stretch of golden sand, a few fishermen, a couple of sleepy villages close by and two placid rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal - that's all there was of the modern day Chennai, in the 17th century. All this changed when the British landed on these sands in 1639 and made it the bastion of the East India Company.

The enterprise of the British and the zeal of the pioneering Indian Industrialists laid the strong foundations for Madras to become the bustling metropolis it is today.

Madras, renamed Chennai, with a population of over 8 million, boasts of the largest port in India, has a well established industrial infrastructure and a large force of skilled workmen and dedicated professionals in all fields of human endeavour. This metropolis has one of the largest numbers of personnel in the field of Information Technology and is a major exporter of software.

Chennai represents a special amalgam of traditions, values, culture, art, education, theosophy and industry and is often referred to as 'the cultural capital of India'.

South India, especially Chennai, is where international business is growing fast. The strong work culture of the people here together with the industrial infrastructure, facilities for education and good living have attracted several multinationals like Dupont and St. Gobain to set up shop here. The recent influx of the world's auto majors like Ford, Mitsubishi and Hyundai into locations in and around the city, have prompted some avid Chennai-watchers to give it the sobriquet of 'Detroit of India'.

This is the home of the Jhaver Group.