Tagros – In quest of a better tomorrow

Tagros is India’s leading manufacturer exporter of a range of Agrochemicals. A strong commitment to adhere to highest standards of Quality and care for its People and Environment are the guiding principles which has transformed this company in rising from a humble beginning a decade back to a leading player in Synthetic Pyrethroids today.

Product Profile - Tagros currently offers a range of high value Synthetic Pyrethroids, Pesticide Intermediates and Fungicides. Apart from these, a wide range of Formulated products based on these active ingredients are offered.

State of the art production facility – A modern production unit is situated around 200 kms from Chennai (Madras) with a 1500 Metric Ton / Annum capacity.

International Quality Standards – Internationally accepted quality norms are adhered to at each and every stage right from procurement of raw material to the last stage of manufacturing, packing and despatch. A testimony of our commitment to total quality is acceptance of our products with various MNC's who rely on the quality of Tagros products for their manufacturing requirements.

Customisation - Focus at Tagros is not to satisfy the customers, but to delight them. Continuous efforts are made to offer a product that surpasses customers’ expectations. Not to talk of product alone, even the packaging is customised as per specific requirements of our discerning customers.

R & D -  A well qualified and experienced team of Research and Development professionals continuously work towards offering better and new generation products. It is the passion for constant upgradation that keeps Tagros at the vanguard of the Agrochemical industry.

Registration – Tagros owns Registrations in various countries where products are exported. Registration data is generated as per GLP norms. Tagros is a notifier for EU Biocide Directive ECC 98 / 8 for all the Pyrethroids.


  •  Chennai (Madras) is well connected to all major export destinations by Air and Sea ensuring  faster shipments.
  •  A stock point at Rotterdam, Europe caters to immediate requirements of customers in Europe  and Latin America.

Global Reach – Global acceptance of Tagros’ products is acknowledged by the fact that the customers are spread in over 35 countries across S. E. Asia, Middle East, Europe, CIS, Africa, Central & Latin America.

People -  The driving force

The secret of the success in any venture lies with its people. Tagros places its faith in the power of its main asset – the people. And this faith has been rewarding for it too. It has given the organization several awards at the national and international level.

A sense of team spirit and the zeal to perform under any circumstances is the driving force which binds all 400 team members together to work for a sole objective – to make Tagros a leading player in Global Agrochemical market.

A Challenging & Rewarding Future

Tagros has the key to its successful future.  With the focus on total quality – it’s working to ensure the success of customers, its people and vendors.

The main aim and purpose at Tagros is to identify and serve the world’s best and most dedicated organizations in the field of pesticides and chemicals. Tagros is targeting success and achieving it.

Come share the rewards.

Product Mix

  1. Cypermethrin Technical
  2. High Cis Cypermethrin Technical
  3. Permethrin Technical
  4. Alpha Cypermethrin Technical
  5. Deltamethrin Technical


  1. Cypermethric Acid Chloride
  2. Deltamethric Acid Chloride
  3. Meta Phenoxy Benzyl Alcohol


  1. Hexaconazole Technical
  2. Propiconazole Technical
Formulations (EC / SC / WP)

1.                               Cypermethrin 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%

2.                               High Cis Cypermethrin 10%, 20%, 25%

3.                               Permethrin 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%

4.                               Alpha Cypermethrin 5%, 10%

5.                               Deltamethrin 1%, 2.5%, 2.8%

6.                               Hexaconazole 5%

7.                               Propiconazole 25%


Bulk - 25, 50, 200 Litres U.N. approved Epoxy Lacquered Mild Steel Drums

Small - 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre - PET / HDPE / Aluminium Bottles

(We also undertake complete Toll - manufacturing for various formulations)

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