Tropical Agro Systems has been manufacturing and marketing pesticides and allied agrochemicals for over 29 years. The company produces over 40 varieties of pesticides (Insecticides, Fungicides, Weedicides & Plant growth regulators)
Tagros Chemicals is among India's leading manufacturers of high value synthetic pyrethroids (eg, Insecticides Cypermethrin Technical, Permethrin Technical, Alpha Cypermethrin Technical, Deltamethrin Technical, Hexaconazole Technical, Propiconazole Technical)

Texcare manufactures chemicals that serve the textile finishing industry. Some of the products manufactured by Texcare are : Cationic Softener, Dye-fixing agent, Setanil D. paste, Textile printing binder, Mercerising agent, Silicone emulsions, P.V. emulsions, etc.
Littles Oriental Balm manufactures seed coating polymer under the brand name Littles Polykote.