Texx One was started by the acquisition of German plant in 1996-97. Today, with several more acquisitions of sophisticated equipment, Texx One boasts the largest manufacturing capacity of coated fabrics and fabricated products in South Asia. While offering the widest range of products benchmarking with German quality, we are fast becoming the leading company in South Asia.

Texx One manufactures coated fabrics and fabricated products catering to the following applications:

Polyester fabric coated with PVC for end applications such as Tarpaulins, Truck and Vehicle covers, billboards, dock shelters, agricultural and fumigation shelters

PU and PVC coated knitted and woven fabrics for upholstry material (or Artificial Leather) used in various industries such as home furnishing, marine, transport, garments, etc.

Speciality coatings on polyester, nylon, blended fabrics. These coatings meet specific market requirements in terms of water proof, water repellency, flame retardancy, resistance to UV, stain proof etc. The industry applications for these are very wide.
Tapes and Webbings for garments, shoes, luggage, material handling equipment etc.
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