KAVACH MILIPOL Bullet Resistant Vest

KAVACH MILIPOL is a tactical assault bullet resistant vest adapted for missions requiring high mobility. It provides protection against threats that are encountered in battle field. It is light and ergonomically designed which helps in mobility and rapid actions by the user in difficult terrains.

The fabric of the outer cover of KAVACH MILIPOL vest is water proof, providing adequate comfort and durability.The design configuration of outer cover can be made to suit customer requirements. Special pockets are provided for inserting Soft Armour Panels (SAPs). An additional two pockets, one each in front and back, are provided for containing Hard Armour Plates (HAPs). This protective equipment also contains pockets for carrying magazines and grenades. The vest is provided with front and back collars and a removable / foldable groin pad. The ballistic inserts are extractable from the vest to allow washing of the outer cover. Adjustable hook and loop fasteners are provided for proper and close fitments.

The HAP is made of ceramic/HPPE material. The SAP is made of high tenacity para-aramid fabric which is encased in a waterproof and UV resistant cover to enhance its life and performance. 

Technical Data SAPHAP
MF Para AramidCeramicHPPE

Protection Level
NIJ Standard 0101.04

Protection Area
0.48 sq.m 25x30cm25x30cm

Standard Weight (grams)

Outer Cover:

Fabric:Synthetic / Mixed Fibre
Colour:Khakhi, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Camouflage or any other colour / print
Size:S, M, L, XL
Weight:350 - 500 gms
Design: Can be made as per customer's requirement