KAVACH VIP Bullet Resistant Vest

VIPs are always at risk of being attacked. They need the best possible non evident protection. The KAVACH VIP Bullet Resistant Vest is designed just for this vital need. Available in the form of a waist coat, this protective vest is ideal for diplomats, ambassadors, politicians, industrialists, movie stars and other public figures whose lives could be in danger. An attractive design coupled with state-of-the-art protection technology, aptly describes- KAVACH VIP Bullet Resistant Vest.

The Kavach VIP Bullet Resistant Vest's waist coat is made from high quality blend-fabric which is attractive and comfortable to wear.

The protection is provided by the concealed Soft Armour Panels (SAP) inserts which are made of 100% para-aramid yarn of high tenacity. The SAP consists of multi-layers of a material which ensures adequate protection to the users. A specific engineered stitching pattern reduces the possible blunt trauma. The SAP has been encased in waterproof and UV resistant cover to enhance its life and utility.

Technical Data SAP
MF Para Aramid

Protection Level
NIJ Standard 0101.04

Standard Weight (grams)

Outer Cover:

Fabric:Synthetic / Mixed Fibre / Woolen
Colour:Khakhi, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Black
Size:S, M, L, XL
Weight:380 - 450 gms
Design: Can be made as per customer's requirement